About Our Gatherings

Suncrest is an authentic place where we work to create a meaningful and enjoyable environment. Creativity, excellence, and participation are highlighted throughout. No need to pretend; no one around here has it all together. Here are a few things to expect:

MUSIC – Worship is an interactive experience. We encourage you to participate and sing along as you feel comfortable.

COMMUNION – Each week we remember what Jesus did for us on the cross by receiving communion.

All Christ-followers are encouraged to take the bread and juice and use them to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. (We understand that there are many food allergies. Gluten-free crackers are available at the back of the worship area. Any greeter/usher will be more than happy to assist you.)

OFFERINGWe give financially as part of our worship, thanking God for what He does for us. We believe in what God is doing in and through this church. We encourage you to give generously to the difference we can make together!

TEACHING – Our messages seek to communicate God’s truth in compelling and relevant ways.

PRAYER – At the end of our gathering, we offer an opportunity to receive prayer by one of our prayer team members.

Our worship gatherings are designed for adults in both atmosphere and content. We strongly encourage you to check out our Kids and Students programming.

Our Heart for Worship

We believe that worship is the heart of the church. Worship defines who we are and who God is and reminds us of what He has done, is doing, and will do. It gives us occasion to celebrate and reflect in community. It encourages us, challenges us, and fosters an attitude of gratefulness. In short, God is revealed and we respond.

We believe that real worship is not an event or something that we do on a Sunday morning, but a way of life.

Our role as the Worship and Creative Arts ministry here at Suncrest is to help create a worshipful atmosphere and lead people to experience Jesus Christ at our weekly worship gatherings. We do this through various forms of art such as videos, dramas, and music.

In our gathered worship experiences, our arts teams seek to present and represent Christ well. Through various art, we are able to tell God’s story and how we respond and interact with that story and with Him. We seek to be an authentic group of worshipers who lead others to have a meaningful and enjoyable experience with God. We pray you’ll experience and be changed by the true God each time we gather together.

Serving in Worship

We have many areas in which to serve and it’s our desire to help you find the best area that fits your gifts and talents. If you would like to begin the process of becoming an artist or tech, please contact Chris Correlli, the Worship & Communications Director.