Suncrest Family,

God has been very good to us, especially over the past three years. Our leaders have been making fearless decisions to be like "The Original" Church - braver than hell, tougher than nails, and changing the world.

In the last three years, 386 people have been "raised to walk a new life" in baptism. Like never before, we are multiplying new churches, developing spiritual leaders, dedicating babies, engaging teenagers, and seeing God use us to reach young adults who have largely abandoned church.

In planning two years ago, our leaders looked both short-term and long-term. We knew we could maximize our current property and facility with the expansion we did last year through NEXT. We also knew our long-term future would be relocation so we began exploring potential properties to buy. The search provided an opportunity we couldn't imagine less than two miles from our current location - and we signed a contract in August for our future site.

So, NEXT Level is the bridge to our future.  We will finish paying for the expansion from NEXT. We will be ready for a future move, buying and preparing the piece of land God has provided. As always, 10% of our generosity will go toward starting new churches.

It's powerful to imagine how God will use us together to build this bridge.
By giving to NEXT Level you are being used by God to change lives.

A grateful leader,

Why new land?
Why now?

Our current location limits future growth, while the new land/location dramatically increases potential impact. Ultimately, far more people will encounter Christ and be changed. Relocating will take a long time. It's taken two years to secure this land and we are years away from construction. In this season, God has provided a unique opportunity.

Why NEXT Level?
Why now?

Reaching our $2 million goal will... (1) complete NEXT with strength, (2) secure new land for our future, and (3) start four new churches (New York City, Indianapolis, and two internationally in Colombia). Our recent growth means almost half of Suncrest today did not make NEXT commitments. Our vision is to impact 1 million lives, and we want everyone to partner together now for that future.

What will be asked of me during NEXT Level?

Pray for guidance and then trust God with a financial commitment "over and above" your regular ministry fund giving. Suncrest's life-changing ministries must continue and need that ministry fund support. You will be challenged to commit to extra generosity for 14 months (Nov 2018-Dec 2019) to build the NEXT Level "bridge" to our future.

What about my original NEXT commitment?

NEXT Level interrupts NEXT before its March 2019 completion. Everyone will make new commitments. If you made a commitment to NEXT, simply include your uncompleted part in your new 14 month commitment.

How will I know how much to give?

Since everyone has different incomes and assets, there is no set amount. Still, every one of us can think about both sacrifice and investment. Sacrifice is at the center of Godliness - giving up something for something we love more. And, imagine how our generous investments right now will be used by God to change people's lives for eternity.