Friends, do you know why I love serving at Suncrest?

First, changed lives. Your family. My family. Hundreds and hundreds of people now know what it means to have a real relationship with Christ, something embraced through life here. When I think about all the people who will experience eternal life because of you; that never gets old!

Second, our candor. We name our struggles - individually and as a church. We do what we promise. We give God glory for what He is doing. In the last two years, we became healthier and God has used us more than ever before. This fall, our team reflected on this graph and the 200+ people who were baptized in the same time-frame.

This graph describes the past, but it's actually about what is NEXT. I chose (low) summer numbers for the graph. In fact, our November/December average was over 1200! Frankly, we have one limiting factor to God continuing to do this stuff...

It's time for us to add to our facility in key ways. Early on at Suncrest, a small crowd built our current facility not for them, but for everyone who has come since then. Now, we need to add space for worship, commons, and parking again. On the back of this page, we describe the vision that will be in front of us during the coming months.

With extra generosity for the next two years, this project prepares us to change more lives-the next 1000 people! I shared this with every Suncrest Leader (over 100 of us) in November and didn't have a single hesitation expressed to me. We are ready to embrace what is NEXT knowing it reflects the commission Jesus gave us to reach the world.

A grateful leader,


NEXT is...

Another opportunity for God to use Suncrest in defining ways. It's all about making room for more people. God's heart is for people. NEXT will provide space for another 1,000 people at Suncrest (addition) as well as start new churches in Indianapolis, San Francisco, the Dominican Republic, and Paris (multiplication)! We believe that over the next two years our generosity will be used by God to change thousands of lives!

Our NEXT Goal is...

$2,520,000 to expand and upgrade facilities
$280,000 to start new churches in Indianapolis, San Francisco, the Dominican Republic, and Paris

TOTAL for Two Years: $2,800,000

What's included in the NEXT Project at Suncrest?

The commons area will become twice as big, providing a large welcome center, café space, airlock doors, overflow seating, and a fireplace. The expanded worship space will seat up to 800 people in new chairs. Upgraded video/lights/sound and a permanent baptism area will highlight the newly renovated room. Parking will expand for growth and improved access. A kitchen will be added. Children’s and Student’ spaces will be refreshed so all areas of the facility are effective and welcoming!

Where will the NEXT new churches be located?

10% of all NEXT giving will be used to start new churches in two U.S. cities (Indianapolis and San Francisco) and in two strategic international locations (Paris, France and the Dominican Republic). This is a key part of our vision to impact 1 million lives over the next 20 years.

What will be asked of me during NEXT?

If you are part of Suncrest, you will be asked to consider what you could give "over and above" your regular ongoing giving. Suncrest’s regular life-changing ministries will continue and will need to be financially supported. For a temporary two-year season you will be challenged to commit to extra generosity so we can expand and upgrade our facilities and start new churches in four strategic locations.

How will I know how much to give?

Think in terms of two concepts: Investment & Sacrifice. Because everyone has varying incomes and assets, there is no set amount. Instead, we invite each person to consider what God would have you sacrifice – giving up something you love for something you love more. And, to think about how a one-time investment now can literally change people’s lives for eternity.

my NEXT commitment

Two-year total (March 2017 to March 2019)