About Groups

We all need friends, right? At Suncrest, we believe God made us that way; that everyone has a desire for authentic community and a deep desire to belong. That’s why we want to help you connect with people who have the same goal and are on a similar faith journey. Truth meets life and authentic life changes happens in Groups.

What is a Group?

Groups simply describes a small group of people who gather together regularly to learn how to follow Jesus. They study God’s Word, discuss the issues and challenges of life, and practically live out all 4 Cs together. It’s also where group members pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don’t show up. Groups promote friendship, partnership and growth in their relationship with Christ.

Groups are a great next step for you to take! It’s the best way for you to get more fully connected into the life of Suncrest and the lives of others!

How do I join a group?

Look below to find and contact a group that you think would be a good fit. If you don’t see a group that feels like a good fit or if you have questions, please contact Jen Brooks.

How do I become a leader?

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming a group leader! The group leader will work with his/her coach and leadership team to ensure the spiritual growth and health of the group. Group leaders will facilitate and create a group environment in which group members can connect with one another, allow for time of discussion and reflection surrounding the group study, spend time in prayer and caring for one another, and live out all 4 Cs. If you are interested, please contact Jen Brooks to start the conversation and receive the Group Leader Application.