Together is Better Than Alone

On September 20/23, we begin a five-week conversation about grace during our weekend services that is best continued among small groups of friends throughout the week.

Grace is Greater...

…than your guilt

…than your brokenness

…than your pain

…than your weakness

What happens in a Group?


Watch a short video

Discuss a few questions about grace and the Bible

Pray together

Learn to follow Jesus alongside others

How do I join a group?
I have friends that could make up that group already and I’d love to have this conversation about grace with what do I do?

Our team can help you circle up with your own friends and equip you to facilitate the conversation with some simple supplies we provide.  Send Jamie Ward an email for more information.

I don’t have that group of people… so what do I do?

We have a lot of Groups here made up of all kinds of different people.  We even have some brand new ones getting started just for Grace is Greater, since we know it is easier to start something when everyone is starting it together.  Click Here!